Vin Diesel Drives A Car On Fire In Fate Of The Furious Street Race


The golden rule when watching a Fast and Furious film is to suspend your disbelief.

By now, it's abundantly obvious that you will need to suspend your disbelief when watching the absurd action scenes in The Fate of the Furious, the upcoming eighth installment of the unstoppable Fast and Furious franchise. From AI-controlled cars plummeting out of a parking lot, to a submarine destroying everything in its path, we have no doubt The Fate of the Furious will up the action ante even further. There will be at least be one street race set in Cuba taking the series back to its forgotten roots, but don't expect it to be tame.

In the film's opening sequence shown in a new clip, series regular Dom takes part in a Cuba street race driving a modified 1953 Chevrolet Fleetline against a 1955 Ford Fairline. After engaging nitrous, the Fairline bursts into flames, but because this is Fast and Furious and there's a race at stake, Dom stubbornly continues to drive it. In reverse.

Apparently, ten Chevys and seven Fords were used for the sequence, but everything had to be flown in especially for the shoot. "The challenge with Cuba was that we literally couldn't get anything," the producers told Top Gear. "We had to really plan ahead and figure out what could possibly go wrong and prepare for it all. As tough as Iceland was, at least there auto-parts stores. For Cuba, we brought in everything from car carriers, a tool truck, box trucks, parts trucks, and trailers, and packed it all up with multiples of everything." The filmmakers always wanted to shoot a Fast and Furious scene in Cuba.

"Cuba is well known for its car culture," the film's producers explain. "If there is a guy to be immersed in that culture, it's Dom Toretto. He knows everything about those vintage cars and honors the tradition of maintaining them. The Cuban ingenuity of keeping the cars running with whatever they've got - whether lawnmower, tractor, or boat parts - is that spirit, that tuner car spirit, that was just so perfect for Dom and this film." Incredibly, over $17 million worth of vehicles were used during filming, though we wonder how many were destroyed. The Fate of the Furious opens in theaters on April 14 in a plot that sees Dom turn against his loyal crew, but it's not expected to rake in as much money as Furious 7.

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