Vin Diesel Really Wants You To Go See Fast And Furious Live

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Come on, do it for Vinny. Buy tickets.

Well, they're milking this one for all it's worth. In between the highly profitable "Fast and Furious" blockbuster movies, Universal Studios will continue earning money from the franchise with the upcoming Fast & Furious Live arena shows. Starting this January, the shows will start in Europe and will travel to a total of 14 countries and 23 arenas, according to the official website. The first event will take place on January 19 at the O2 Area in London, tickets for which will go on sale this coming Friday, September 29.

And no, Vin Diesel, nor any of the movies' stars, will take part in the shows. Instead, the live arena shows will introduce new characters, such as DSS Agent Dawson and Sophia Diaz, both of whom are going after Cain, the very appropriately named villain.

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Many stunts will be performed, all of which are inspired by scenes in the movies. Think car airdrop and a truck heist. However, don't expect any of the show's characters to suffer a fiery death because Paul Walker. It's a sensitive subject matter (as it should be), no question about it. We don't know if there are plans yet to bring the show to the US, but a decision will probably be made once financial figures come in from the European shows. Vin Diesel, as a producer for the movies, was involved in getting the live shows off the ground.

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