Vin Diesel's Daughter Thinks 'Fast 8' Will Be The Best In The Series

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Based on the behind-the-scenes footage, she may be right.

Filming for the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise has taken the cast to some exotic locations, such as Iceland, Cuba...and Cleveland. Thanks to some behind-the-scenes looks, we know that this movie will have a ton of insane stunts that use explosives instead of CGI. In the latest backstage look at "Fast 8," Vin Diesel's daughter Hania Riley gives her opinion of the latest installment. Riley doesn't talk much about the cars in the movie, but confirms that "Fast 8" will be packed with lots of action like fans have come to expect from the F&F franchise.

In this clip we get to see explosions, cars falling off buildings, and races through the crowded streets of Cuba and Cleveland (a stand in for New York). We spotted a Lamborghini Murcielago, AMG GT-S, Corvette, and much more.

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