Vin Diesel Talks Next ‘Fast and Furious’ Films

After taking in $626 Million, ‘Fast and the Furious’ splits next sequel into two movies.

Fans of the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise will be happy to know that their next fix will be split into two movies. According to star and producer Vin Diesel in an interview with the hollywoodreporter.com, that during preparations for the sixth film it turned out that one movie won't be enough to contain the entire plot. It also doesn't hurt that the last installment, 'Fast Five', brought in $626 million globally - not including merchandise revenues, DVD sales, and other broadcasting opportunities.

And as a bonus, 'Fast Five' received solid reviews, which is sort of unusual for such a movie. That happened due to its change from a boy-racing genre to an action-packed genre - with as many firearms as steering wheels handled by the film's stars. Production of the sixth film starts next year with a release set for May 2013.

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