Vin Diesel Teases Title Of Fast & Furious 10

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'Fast & Furious 10' will release in theaters in April 2023.

After 20 years of entertaining us with its implausible car stunts and self-indulgent family speeches, the end of the road is approaching for the mainline Fast & Furious franchise. The evolution of the franchise is a fascinating one. What started as a low-budget film about a gang of street racers stealing has evolved into one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. All things considered, 'Fast 9' was a massive success.

While it received mixed reviews, the film grossed $696 million, making it the most successful film since the pandemic started. Releasing in theaters on April 7, 2023, 'Fast & Furious 10' will be the first film in a two-part finale and filmed back-to-back with 'Fast 11'.
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Vin Diesel may not have starred in every film, but he's undeniably an integral part of the franchise. Before filming for the tenth film begins next year, the actor has been feeling emotional about the franchise coming to an end. "That excitement is real... the emotions strong," he wrote on Instagram. "Hope, somehow perseveres in this multi generational saga. 10... the final chapter. A divine number, 10 means a return to unity, the fusion between being and non-being. The number 10 denotes the completion of a cycle.

So proud of Universal, the incredible team of talent we are blessed to have on this journey. Grateful for it all and most importantly for all of you."

Vin Diesel/Instagram
Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

Accompanying the post is a photo of Vin Diesel's son's Vincent, who appeared in 'Fast 9' in a cameo role, with "FX" shaved on his head. Given that the last film was titled 'Fast 9' in the US, this could be the title of the tenth film. Plot details of Fast 10 are unknown, but the film will continue the story started in Fast 9.

Justin Lin will return to direct Fast 10 and 11. With the exception of Dwayne Johnson who announced he is done with the franchise, all members of the Fast family are expected to return in the tenth film. There are also rumors that Paul Walker's character Brian O'Conner will return in CGI form. After 'Fast 9' featured a Pontiac Fiero flying into space and a mid-engine Dodge Charger causing carnage with a massive magnet, we're curious to see how much more absurd the action sequences can get.

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Universal Pictures

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