Vin Diesel Wants This Guy To Direct Furious 8

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But will he want to direct Vin Diesel?

Back in 2001, an almost unknown director brought us a movie called "The Fast and The Furious." Rob Cohen was given job by Universal Pictures and expectations were modest. Vin Diesel also wasn't a huge star back then, making Paul Walker the biggest name on the movie's poster. Since then, there've been six more movies, over $3.5 billion taken in at the box office and, of course, Walker's tragic death. Only a few days ago we reported that Universal was having a hard time finding a director for "Furious 8."

Rumor has it that Diesel, now a producer for the franchise as well, isn't the easiest guy to work with. Diesel responded to these reports by not only confirming that three more "Furious" movies were in the works to complete the "saga," but also that he was confident a director would be found. And now, according to Collider, Diesel would like to see Cohen back in the director's chair. Considering that both Justin Lin (Furious 3-6) and James Wan (Furious 7) passed on Furious 8, going with the guy who helped launch the franchise 14 years ago would be a smart choice. Knowing Diesel, he'll probably be the first to make some sort of official announcement. Furious 8 is expected to premiere in April 2017.

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