Vin Diesel Will Drive Dodge Daytona SRT EV Muscle Car In New Fast & Furious Film

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The futuristic concept will take the place of the V8 Dodge Charger in the new Fast flick.

The previous installment of the Fast & Furious franchise may have been a dumpster fire of a movie, but one can't deny that these movies were aimed squarely at people with nitrous running through their veins.

Because of the entertainment value, we were willing to forgive Honda S2Ks with 17-speed gearboxes and Pontiac Fieros being blasted into space. Heck, we can even forgive Dominic Toretto for always having the latest Dodge Charger on hand, even in remote jungles where you're more likely to come across a ratty old Toyota Hilux than anything even remotely sporty.

But can we forgive F&F for going electric? Just as with other questionable decisions the film's producers have made, we have no choice - it's happening.

German in Venice/YouTube Fast Family/YouTube

The idea of an EV in a Fast & Furious film is so ridiculous that we even used it as an April Fool's Day joke last year. This is not a joke, however.

Dominic Toretto may be morally ambiguous, but he now cares about the environment. Who says you can't be a VCR thief turned super spy action hero and not care about the environment? That's why the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept will have a starring role in the upcoming F&F movie, which is currently known as Fast X. And not only that. The all-new DeLorean Alpha5 EV is also in the film.

If we had to guess, Dominic Toretto will be fighting for the honor of his "fambly" (arguably the correct pronunciation in the F&F universe) using the Daytona SRT Concept. In contrast, his foe (most likely a long-lost second cousin with an axe to grind) could use the DeLorean.

German in Venice/YouTube German in Venice/YouTube

Filming is currently underway in Angelino Heights in Los Angeles, and the movie is already upsetting the locals.

On August 25, we reported that LA residents were on the verge of protesting Fast X, and not because the franchise's previous installment was so mortifying to human eyes. The residents of Angelino Heights protested the movie because they believed it was responsible for spurring illegal activity in the neighborhood, including burnouts, donuts, drag racing, and generally moronic behavior behind the wheel. A day later, the police swooped in, arrested several people, and impounded a few cars.

While we like to make fun of F&F for generally bringing us terrible movies, we do appreciate everything the series has done for car lovers. We also appreciate that the stars are real gearheads, as proven by the car Jordana Brewster used as her recent wedding whip. Hopefully, we'll see some of that translated to EVs in a way that makes sense to fans.

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