Vin Diesel Won't Be Happy About These Fast & Furious Live Reviews

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The new Fast & Furious arena show is neither fast or furious according to critics.

While there won't be a new Fast & Furious movie this year (you'll have to wait until next year for the spin-off starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, and 2020 for Fast & Furious 9), that doesn't mean the franchise will stop milking money any way it can. The Fast & Furious Live tour has just started in Europe, an action-packed arena show re-enacting some of the film's most spectacular stunts in front of a live audience. Vin Diesel introduced the first show at the London O2 Arena, but he won't be happy about its critical reception.

Critics are absolutely slating Fast & Furious Live in online reviews - unfortunately, high speed car stunts don't translate very well to the confines of a small arena. The Telegraph described Fast & Furious Live as "hardly groundbreaking" and "a lot of driving in circles" as "its vehicular stars dart sluggishly back and forth when they're moving at all, with rear projection and sound effects deployed to aid the illusion of speed." The Guardian wasn't too kind either. "A pre-show warning advising us not to mimic the stunts in the show is laughable when the vehicles here move only slightly faster than the queue out of the car park," the publication wrote.

"The only danger in Fast & Furious Live is that the audience might die of carbon monoxide poisoning. Or boredom." It seems that Elysia Wren who plays Sophia Diaz in the show's attempt at a storyline tries her best to encourage audience participation, but it all sounds a bit pedestrian. Fast & Furious Live had potential, but these reviews seem to confirm it's the cynical cash-grab many feared it would be. Judging by comments made by critics, the show is neither fast nor furious, so it's probably best to save your money when Fast & Furious Live tours around America in 2019.

Fast & Furious Live via Facebook
Fast & Furious Live via Facebook

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