Vintage EVs May Send NYC Horses to the Glue Factory

"I'm so keen-o on beef-a-reeno...what a delicious for king and queen-o."

New York City's new Mayor is already planning a first round of "job cuts" that may enrage some and please others. One of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first orders of business is "to get rid of horse carriages" because the practice is inhumane. Few other cities in the world still offer horse carriage rides and New York’s Central Park is particularly famous for the service. Critics claim the horses live terrible lives, while carriage drivers are claiming the exact opposite.

Instead of horses, de Blasio and his supporters favor bringing in vintage electric cars to ferry around park visitors. Interesting idea, but here’s where irony comes into play: those retired horses may have a hard time getting adopted and end up being slaughtered (i.e. glue factories) instead.

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