Viper ACR Looks Blazingly Quick Practicing For Its Nurburgring Record

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Fans of American muscle will love the fact that this show comes courtesy of two sponsors: horsepower and skill.

Just in case you were one of the Viper fans that crowdfunded the Viper ACR's return to the Nurburgring so it could prove that simple aerodynamic bits, a gargantuan engine, and a good driver trumps multimillion dollar technology but needed visual verification that your money is hard at work, well, feast your eyes and ears on this. Back from the dead and aching for vengeance is the stonking 8.4-liter V10 Viper ACR that arrived on the scene when the future looked brighter for FCA.

Maybe its passion-driven bias, but true believers think this Viper is capable of miracles on the track. To them, it could cure cancer if you learn how to drive it right, and it's not exactly like they're overplaying the super muscle car, at least in regards to track ability. It's not just raw specs like the engine's 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque output that make the ACR great.

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It's not even the 1,700 pounds of downforce it produces at its 177 mph top speed because as we know well, a car is not the sum of its numbers. But if you are into the whole numbers thing, keep in mind that the ACR broke over 13 track records, beating out cars as fast as the Porsche 918 Spider on the track. The Viper Owners Association is hoping it can pull off this sort of steamroll run again on the Nurburgring, but unlike the 918 Spider or the Lamborghini Huracan Performante that beat it, the Viper is a raw machine requiring ample amounts of skill to tame. Good thing this driver seems to be getting practice.

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