Viper GTS-R Races Through Baltimore

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Ryan Hunter-Reay takes to the wheel of the SRT Viper GTS-R around the Indy circuit in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Hailed by ESPN as the best new motorsport event in America in the last 30 years, the Baltimore Grand Prix draws huge crowds around the Maryland metropolis' Inner Harbor to catch the IndyCar and American Le Mans Series action. Chrysler's SRT division wouldn't miss out on the opportunity to showboat for the gathered masses of racing fans, promoting "safe driving" with a vehicle no less fearsome than the new Viper GTS-R. (Yeah, they lost us there, too).

This short clip shows Indy driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, who incidentally went on to win the race that weekend, driving the #93 Viper through the streets of Baltimore while getting chased by local law enforcement. We're not entirely sure what point they're trying to prove, but it's a cool clip just the same.

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