Vitaly Petrov Has A 1,014-Horsepower Fire Breathing GT-R

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When you're used to going that fast, you need a pretty impressive daily driver.

Vitaly Petrov, the only Russian to have ever competed in Formula 1, was not signed by any team for the 2013 season. This seems to mean the man has a lot of time on his hands this year, and is apparently spending it still trying to go fast. The Nissan GT-R you're about to see in this video belongs to him, and has been tuned by Total Car Concept, an importer of Switzer Performance. It's first seen on the dyno, spitting fire and also proving that it produces 1,014 horsepower.

The car is pretty damn impressive on the street as well, and it's probably a good thing that it's going to someone who definitely knows how to drive.

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