VITT Squalo Creates Savage S63 AMG Kit

With the craziest rear-end you've ever seen.

Japanese tuning firm VITT Squalo has just unleashed its latest version of the Mercedes S63 AMG, based on the W222 generation of the Benz sedan. While the firm has not released any information regarding performance upgrades, the car’s exterior has certainly been revamped, with some highly unorthodox modifications that you will either love or hate. These include a new front bumper with vertical LED daytime running lights, new side skirts with striking rear air scoops and more.

At the rear of the car lies the biggest surprise: a low fender vent which incorporates an unusual exhaust and diffuser system, in addition to a new spoiler. The complete fiber-reinforced plastic kit is priced at 650,000 yen ($6,386), making it a relatively affordable way of making a statement.

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