Vivid Racing Throws Around an M3


This is certainly one way to make proper use of a tuned BMW M3 that churns out 500 horsepower.

The guys over at Vivid Racing are never shy about their passion to do extreme things with some truly kick ass cars. With its recent first-ever Poker Run now behind them, attention was turned to one of its latest tuning projects – a supercharged BMW M3 that pumps out 500 blazing horsepower. But instead of heading to the track for the more traditional test, Vivid Racing opted for a dry lake bed where the M3 got to play in the dust. With no other cars to get in its way, the M3 managed to hit 100 mph in the beautiful dessert landscape.

That supercharger kit is supplemented by an upgraded exhaust system that combine to give the car one hell of a growl. Yeah, this looks like tons of fun.

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