VL Destino Convertible, Anyone?

Forget the Fisker Karma. We want this V8-powered convertible.

Last year at Detroit, former GM VP of production Bob Lutz revealed his latest project: a Fisker Karma powered by a Corvette ZR1 V8. Called the VL Destino, VL Automotive is Lutz’s latest venture and the true gearhead executive has made it known just how much he loves the looks of the Karma. He just feels it has the wrong type of powertrain. And now that Fisker is no more, at least for now, Lutz and co. are set to reveal an updated version of the Destino at Detroit, this time as a convertible.

Partnering up with automotive leather specialist Katzkin, Lutz claims that “a beautifully designed car like the Destino deserves an exceptional interior.” Lutz also happens to be a senior advisor to Katzkin. Along with this new interior, the car itself, based on the released sketch images, appears to be a two-door convertible with a folding hard top. No other specific details are available just yet, but we’ll have the full skinny on just what "Maximum Bob" Lutz is up to now in a couple days time.

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