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Vladimir Putin's Armored Limousine Can Be Yours For $1.3 Million

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Celebrity connections can often hike the value of a car, but this is surely a bit of a stretch.

Luxury limos from Mercedes-Benz don't come cheap, but add a celebrity to the previous owners list and you can expect it to sell for more than double its original value. That's exactly the case with this rare 1995 Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard spotted for sale on German website Mobile from a private seller for a whopping $1,351,740. For that price, you might assume it was owned by a famous actor or singer, but no – this limousine belonged to current Russian president Vladimir Putin.

As you would expect, the armored limo is lavishly equipped with two pairs of facing armchairs in the back, wood trim and laden with the gadgetry you would expect in a Mercedes from the '90s. Under the hood lies a 6.0-liter V12 engine which churns out 394 horsepower, but don't expect the performance to be too hair-raising when you consider how much it must weigh – and that's without the added armor. In its favor, though, the luxury limo only has 15,500 miles on the clock, so you can at least be assured it's in good condition as it must have had a rather sheltered life. Built in 1995, it seems likely the Pullman served the government before Putin took office as Prime Minister in 1999.

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He was then promoted to President in 2000, but it isn't clear how long the Pullman was under his ownership. It's also worth bearing in mind Putin's notorious history when it comes to chauffeurs. This year his favorite limousine driver was killed in a horrific head-on crash involving a BMW 7 Series in Moscow. Brand new, the stretched Mercedes would have fetched around $500,000, so you would expect that price to significantly depreciate over time, which only makes the asking price of $1.3 million more absurd. Still, we know that President-elect Donald Trump is looking for a swanky new limousine and is rather fond of Putin, so this could be a perfect match.