Voices from the Grave: Delorean and Pontiac

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Now this is interesting. Rumor has it that the Delorean Motor Company, now based in Houston, Texas, had expressed interest in taking over production of the Pontiac Solstice. Yeah, I was confused for a moment too. But consider this: John Z. Delorean had a glorious career at Pontiac in the 1960's, as the original GTO was his creation. Now that Pontiac is gone, some at DMC are thinking to keep Delorean's namesake alive yet again.

The current Delorean Motor Company not only refurbishes used Deloreans, but also creates new build ones based off parts left over from the original factory in Ireland. Major upgrades have been done to the new cars, but they physically look identical to the originals. Considering Deloreans are for a very niche oriented market, does it even make sense to build a Delorean Solstice? Not really, but since we're not talking about a major auto manufacturer, DMC of Houston might be onto something really cool. It'd still be for that niche group, but it would also have the potential to become a major collectible classic.

What better way to honor John Z. Delorean than to continue his legacy of cool cars. While his own car company failed, his name and refurbished cars live on. Will we be seeing a new Delorean in the future? Only Doc Brown can answer that.

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