Volkswagen Builds Motorized Office Chair Inspired By The ID.Buzz

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Beat your colleagues to the boardroom with a top speed of 12 mph.

Volkswagen Norway has designed what is, quite possibly, the best chair we've ever seen. It may look like an office chair from the future, but this nifty creation has been designed to show off the brilliant features of Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Powered by an electric motor, this brilliant motorized office chair can whizz about the workplace at up to 12 mph. Moreover, it has a range of up to 7.5 miles, meaning you can drive from meeting to meeting without fear of running the battery low.

Team technician Martin Gautron notes that the brief was to "bring as many features from a real Volkswagen and put those things into an office chair." Not only is there 0,17 cubic feet of storage space for documents and a laptop, but there's also a reverse camera and 360-degree sensors - after all, you wouldn't want to run a colleague down. It doesn't have automatic braking, so if there's that one co-worker you really hate...

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In the video above, you'll note the chair has an alarm to thwart any devious co-workers. There's also a seatbelt to keep you in place and, importantly, a heated seat function. Should you find yourself racing to a meeting, the horn will alert passers-by to your presence.

It's the LED lights that proved the biggest challenge. "The lights in the Volkswagen chair are very complex, so we had to map out the different light functions to embed them into the chair," explains Stian Korntved Rund. Amusingly, the team has even fitted party lights to the chair.

Other unique touches include a tow hitch should a colleague require a lift to a meeting.

Essentially, it had to look and feel like a Volkswagen. There's a slight resemblance to the ID. Buzz in the headlights and the chair boasts a Volkswagen infotainment system. Thankfully, users won't have to contend with the cumbersome system in most new VW vehicles.

Volkswagen Nyttekjøretøy/YouTube Volkswagen Nyttekjøretøy/YouTube Volkswagen Nyttekjøretøy/YouTube Volkswagen Nyttekjøretøy/YouTube

Several automakers have designed car-themed chairs, the most recent being an AMG office chair. Trimmed in Artico leather and Alcantara, the Merc is undoubtedly plush - but nowhere near as cool as Volkswagen's creation. Porsche has also had a go at designing an office chair, but the eye-watering price tag will be a bit much for most.

There's no word yet whether Volkswagen will offer this must-have office accessory for sale, but it's implausible. It is most likely a marketing stunt for the upcoming EV van.

The retro-inspired electric minivan is expected to launch in the United States in 2024 and will arrive with a slightly longer wheelbase to suit local needs. It will join the ID.4 in VW's electric lineup, followed by the ID. Aero sedan in the coming years.

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