Volkswagen CC Gets the SWAT Treatment

The VW Passat CC has never looked more badass than it does now, thanks to a group of German tuners.

Sitting in between the Volkswagen Passat and Phaeton is the Volkswagen's fashionable CC. Now the svelte sedan has been spruced up thanks to an outfit called SWAT. Standing not for Special Weapons And Tactics (as elite police commando teams are known) but for Special Wagons And Tuning, SWAT is a collective of aftermarket firms including KBR Motorsport, Cover EFX, SH CarCare and CFX. This VW CC is what they've all teamed up to produce.

The most obvious modification the team installed is the matte urban camouflage wrap, but that's not the end of it. Cream-colored 20-inch Radius R12 wheels are coated in ultra-low profile rubber and mounted to a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension. The exhaust has been swapped out for a stainless steel system with 76mm pipes and Rennkats catalysts. The unspecified engine has also been tweaked to 280 horsepower. While camouflage is meant to help something blend into its surroundings, the stated objective of this project was to garner attention on the road. We'd have to say SWAT achieved its goals with this particular job.

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