Volkswagen Claims New EV Concept Will Be As Revolutionary As The Beetle

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When a company claims its car will "make history" you pay attention.

We've known for a while now that Volkswagen was likely to bring something rather noteworthy to the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show. Just last month, it was reported that an all-electric car would be present at the show, with the liklihood of it being an interesting exercise of automotive interior packaging. N ow, though, we have access to the latest batch of teaser shots - and a rather bold blurb courtesy of Volkswagen's PR department.

Along with the almost obligatory 'this design study will inspire a future road car' statements about how this Paris-bound concept car will demonstrate Volkswagen's MEB modular platform for its electric vehicle's, this new Volkswagen one-off is also claimed to be quite a pivotal car. The official Volkswagen press release that accompanied the three inaugural teaser pics will be "as revolutionary as the Beetle," with the "potential to make history." PR departments are known to include slight exaggerations here and there in the material they distribute to newsrooms the world over, but such statements aren't ever made lightly.

As a result, we've gone from being somewhat interested in this new concept car to being genuinely intrigued by what this Volkswagen could possess. Given Volkswagen claims this vehicle to be an "entry into a new era" and (we promise we're not making this next point up) "a new ambassador to the automotive world," the only conclusion you can make is that this mysterious motor car should at least rock the proverbial electric vehicle boat a little bit. Fingers crossed this marketing spiel is actually representative of the Paris-bound concept car. Volkswagen's seriously hyping this machine up, and it'll be a serious disappointment if it's nothing more than the e-up!'s bigger brother.

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