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Volkswagen Confirms it Will Indeed Build the Golf R400, But is it Coming to America?


No word yet on whether it will make it to North America.

Hot hatch fans owe a lot to the Volkswagen Golf, whether they want to admit it or not. It was the GTI which first launched the niche, and the more recent Golf R has seen to it that the stakes stay high. Now VW has confirmed it will turn out a production version of the Golf R400 concept: a 400 horsepower, AWD red hot hatch. Car magazine has cited unnamed sources as saying production will begin next year.

The relatively understated nature of the R400 (for a concept) had certainly hinted at the possibility of it being fast-tracked into a production model, and it's said that we can look for the completed production-spec version at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2015. Now for the unpleasant part. A Frankfurt debut doesn't necessarily mean that the car won't be making its way into US dealerships, but that is certainly a distinct possibility, and this is just the sort of car which VW would choose not to bring over. So let's all hope and pray really hard that we won't get any disappointing news come next September.

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