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Volkswagen Copies This Cool Feature From Rolls-Royce

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Would you put it on your Volkswagen?

Unless Volkswagen decides to revive the Phaeton, the Arteon will be the most luxurious car sold by the German automaker in the United States. Acting as a replacement for the CC, the Arteon is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder sending 268 horsepower to front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive through an eight-speed automatic. The Arteon is extremely stylish, like the CC, but unlike its predecessor, it uses a liftback body style like the Audi A7 rather than a traditional trunk.

VW has priced the Arteon between $35,845 and $44,945, making it a nice middle point between a mainstream car and a luxury model from Audi. Given that VW is trying to compete with more luxurious vehicles, it wanted to offer a new option to lure in buyers from premium brands.

Introducing the new Dynamic Volkswagen Hub Caps, which are now available on compatible VW models. The caps cover the center of alloy wheels and can be removed when a wheel needs to be removed or replaced. Each cap features a self-leveling function, which keeps the roundel facing in the correct position no matter how fast the wheel spins.

If the idea seems familiar to you, it is because Rolls-Royce has been offering the same feature for several years now. It may be a minor element to copy but sharing a feature with Rolls-Royce is never a bad idea. Adding the Dynamic Hub Cap to a vehicle like the Arteon will be a nice way to add class to an already beautiful car.

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VW has priced the caps at £156.00 ($194.58) fitted for a set of four and says they can be fitted on any wheel that accepts the standard 5G0601171XQI hub caps. James Woolfe, Accessories and Merchandise Product Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: "Our new Dynamic Volkswagen Hub Caps bring a flavor of the super-luxury segment to Volkswagen's models, with our iconic roundel perfectly visible at all times thanks to the caps' self-leveling function. If you're after a touch of that super-expensive segment on your Volkswagen, or if you just want to quell the niggling irritation of badges pointing in different directions to one another, being upside-down or not being perfectly horizontal when parked, then these are definitely for you. We've not quite reinvented the wheel here, but we know this new item will get certain customers in a spin."