Volkswagen Electric Cars To Get New Names

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The automaker is thinking of changing up its naming conventions for the ID range of EVs.

Naming cars can be tricky, and sometimes automakers don't get it right in the first place. Volkswagen has bet its future on electric vehicles, and with that comes whole new naming conventions to get consumers excited about the next best thing. Unfortunately, VW hasn't always hit the nail on the head, like when the ID.4 was initially called the ID. Crozz. Luckily, VW saw through its faults and is brainstorming new naming conventions to make the models consistent across the board.

As reported by Autocar, VW Chairman Thomas Schafer said the automaker is looking into different directions for the models, but that there is a chance they could go in the direction of using "X" for the SUV ones: "It has to be consistent across the range, and because our range is still quite big and overlapping here and there, we need to sort it out. But it looks as if it would make sense with the numbering and X."

2021-2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Emblem CarBuzz 2021-2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Side View Volkswagen
2021-2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Emblem
2021-2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Side View

VW has always consistently given its cars real names instead of numeric ones. Passat, Golf, Jetta: these are cars that have become household names. Schafer fully understands this as well by saying, "The Golf name specifically has huge value," but he also goes on to say that the ID brand has really come into its own and people recognize and gravitate towards the ID models when they show them off.

If Volkswagen were to go with the X moniker for SUV models, then we'd see things like ID.3X or ID.4X, although there's no mention of what that would mean for something like the segment-crossing ID.Buzz, a model that's meant to be a big deal for the brand and seems better with an actual name. Perhaps the recently revealed ID.6 will become the ID.6X, and a sedan/hatch version based on the same platform would drop the letter at the end.

Front Angle View Volkswagen 2024 Volkswagen ID.Aero Forward Vision Volkswagen
Front Angle View
2024 Volkswagen ID.Aero Forward Vision

Unfortunately, it might be a ways away before we see what direction the brand chooses. VW is still picking up the pieces left by unceremoniously ousted former CEO Herbert Diess and the tumultuous Cariad software program. Now with the Trinity factory and car announced, odds are pretty good we won't see any serious name changes until 2026 when the first cars roll off the assembly line. Fortunately, Schafer says this is a long-term project: "We are really working out now for the next 10 years how we see the names developing. This is happening right now, this process of what we do with the name - Golf, Polo, or whatever - what do we do to transform key names differently."

Whatever route Volkswagen chooses to take, it needs to make a decision and stick with it - too much convolution will only confuse customers and prevent a fanbase for specific models from growing.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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