Volkswagen Ends Production Of One Of Our Favorite Models


This news makes us sad, even though we never got this car in the US.

Volkswagen just announced the death of one our favorite models from the brand. The current generation Scirocco has been in production since 2008, but the company has just released a statement on its consumer website which reads "The Scirocco can no longer be ordered with individual equipment. However, finished, already produced vehicles are available for you." This means that anyone who wants to order a Scirocco with specific equipment can no longer do so. There will still be left over cars on dealer lots, but VW wont build any new ones.


We think that this is a bit of sad news because the Scirocco was one of our favorite VW models. The shooting brake body style was sporty but practical and the high performance Scirocco R model was essentially a Golf R with FWD. Unfortunately, it has been many years since we have been able to buy a Scirocco in the US. The second generation model was sold in the US until 1992, but we never received the third generation car after its debut in 2008. This situation leaves a bit of mystery surrounding a replacement for the car. Clearly VW has no problems taking a break with the car's production. There was a nearly two decade gap between the second and third generation cars.

So far, the only report that we've heard about a new Scirocco is that it could end up being an EV sports coupe. We wouldn't mind if VW pivoted the Scirocco to be a performance-oriented EV. Perhaps this change would finally give VW a reason to sell it alongside the Golf GTI in the US. We bid farewell to the Scirocco for now, but we hope to see it reborn someday (hopefully in the US).


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