Volkswagen Gives Us A Taste Of How It Will Redeem Itself

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Building a crowd pleaser is a good start.

Everyone makes mistakes, but these blunders call for a deep soul-searching experience and then improvement. Volkswagen is trying hard to learn from its recent errs to make up for its smoggy sins and it will use the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to show off the brand's new direction. VW will present the world with an all-electric concept car. Despite already having an electric car, the $29,815 e-Golf, the company wants to show consumers that it really does care for the polar bears and sinking cities by making its brand greener.

VW CEO Herbert Diess is set to introduce the car at the CES stage next month and will make a speech showcasing how VW will be a major driver behind the ever increasing presence of electric cars. Porsche and Audi, both owned by VW, are set to make an appearance at the show as well to highlight their new electric cars. Audi wants to show us how it will make 25% of its cars sold in the US juice-driven while Porsche will give us another glimpse at its stunning Mission E that it will definitely be building. If Volkswagen can get it right, then expect to see some blue and white badges on your new Tesla fighter.

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