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Volkswagen Golf Gets Its Skin Ripped Off

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This is what happens when you cut into an e-Golf. (And it still drives.)

Conventional automobiles keep getting more complex, but push come to shove, you can still pop the hood and see how it works, for the most part. An electric vehicle, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame. But Volkswagen is out to show how its electric vehicle (and by extension, any other) works with this unique show car.

It's called the eGon, and it's the work of a team of trainees at the German automaker, who have cut into an e-Golf to demonstrate its inner workings. The completely drivable cutaway model shows off its wiring and electronics.

And they're not just exposed to the naked eye. The team put QR codes on an array of components that can be scanned with an iPad (or other such device) to highlight how everything works.

"Projects like this encourage motivation among the vocational trainees and are great fun at the same time," said Christoph Görtz, head of vocational training at Volkswagen. "They not only transfer training content, they also encourage trainees to take a high level of responsibility, to show initiative and to create something tangible of their own that they can be truly proud of."

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The one-off show car is set to be showcased at IdeenExpo, a youth-oriented science and technology event scheduled to be held next month in the German city of Hannover – capital of the state of Lower Saxony (where Volkswagen is based) and just an hour's drive (or half-hour train ride) away from Wolfsburg.

"The eGon model is very complex and required lots of different skills. Our team was made up of eight vocational trainees from different trades," added Justin Pausch, one of the traineers behind the project. "We're really looking forward to IdeenExpo and presenting our project to visitors at the event."