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Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Unveiled With Race Car DNA

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Racecar-inspired GTI TCR promises class-leading handling and performance.

After much speculation, the road-going version of the TCR Golf racer was finally unveiled at this year's Worthersee GTI festival. This new GTI derivative is more than just another fast Golf though. The 286-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged engine will put its power through the familiar 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission but it will feature a number of unique components too. Since the GTI TCR draws inspiration from the TCR race car, a standard limited-slip differential will elevate its handling capabilities to new heights.

It will also be fitted with unique 18-inch wheels along with special brake calipers and pads to offer enhanced stopping power. An additional package will be made available that will remove the 155-mph limiter and increase top speed to 164-mph and will also include 19-inch wheels and a sports chassis setting as well as DCC adaptive damping. Interior touches include unique seat coverings and a TCR logo that is projected into the ground when the doors are opened. Signalling its sporting intent, the GTI TCR comes fitted with a new front bumper, side skirts and a rear diffuser with integrated tailpipes.

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Aside from adding an aggressive visual stance, the aero additions also aid in funnelling air into the TCR's two additional radiators. Jurgen Stackmann, head of marketing and sales at VW said "At the moment, the Golf GTI TCR Concept – an athlete derived from racing – is a study. But at the end of the year, we want to make this GTI vision come true." The GTI TCR is clearly a well thought out exercise that looks to redefine the front-wheel-drive hot hatch category, sadly, like the limited-edition Clubsport before it, this fast Golf will not be making its way to the US.