Volkswagen GTI Pops Up on Geneva Site


Hot version of VW Golf leaks out again, only this time it's from the show organizer's own website. Scope it out, inside and out.

Automakers are a finicky lot. They like to release their cars when they're good and ready. But it's a big industry, and sometimes things leak out despite their best efforts. And that's what has apparently happened this time with the new Volkswagen Golf GTI. We brought you initial (if somewhat low-res) images of the new GTI just the other day, but now a new crop has popped up. So where did they come from? The website of the Geneva Motor Show where the car is set to be unveiled next month.

The images show the exterior from the front and back three-quarters and a few more of the cabin. They look pretty spot on to what we'd expect, with the typical GTI cues applied to the new seventh-generation Golf which Volkswagen recently introduced. The interior has the GTI's trademark tartan upholstery, too. Of course we have to admit the possibility that the images are fake renderings (as other sites have claimed of similarly "leaked" photos on the same site of the new Smart ForTwo and Fiat 500X), but they look pretty consistent with the previous ones we've seen, only those were of a red five-door and this one's a white three-door.

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Unfortunately no details were leaked along with the photos, but we're expecting the new GTI to pack a 230-horsepower version of the current model's 2.0-liter turbo four. Watch this space as the Geneva show approaches for the official reveal of the new GTI, along with a whole raft of other new debuts expected for the Swiss expo.