Volkswagen Has A Genius Way Of Selling EVs

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This makes owning an EV so much easier.

Volkswagen is one of the major manufacturers pushing for electrification in Europe and has plans for 50 percent electrification by 2030. In order to accomplish that goal, the company has been hard at work developing a new range of electric vehicles called 'ID'. VW has already launched the ID.3 hatchback in Europe last year but since Americans aren't too fond of hatchbacks, we get the larger VW ID.4. Currently, the VW ID.3 is one of the most affordable EVs in Europe, and even undercuts the Tesla Model 3 by a significant margin. Volkswagen doesn't want to stop there however and has now launched a subscription service that makes driving a VW ID car even more affordable.

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The Volkswagen AutoAbo subscription model allows customers to take out a monthly subscription on ID.3 and ID.4 models, with the ID.3 starting at EUR 499 ($593). Volkswagen plans to offer over 2,000 nearly-new ID cars through the AutoAbo service, making it one of the largest car subscription services in Germany. "This will enable us to achieve a key milestone in our Business Model 2.0. As part of our ACCELERATE strategy, we are continuing our rapid and systematic transformation from car manufacturer to mobility services provider," says Klaus Zellmer, VW board member for sales and marketing.

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The subscription model offers customers flexible terms ranging from three to six months with 500 free miles per month and the option to choose between sharing and leasing. The packages also include registration, maintenance and servicing, insurance and road tax, and roadworthiness tests, leaving only recharging to the customer's account.

"A growing number of people don't want to own a vehicle permanently, but would like the exclusive use of one for a defined period. We estimate that, by 2030, around 20 percent of our revenue could come from subscriptions and other short-term mobility offerings." concluded Zellmer.

Freedom of movement is going electric, and we like it.

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