Volkswagen Has Surprisingly Made A Hybrid That's Fun To Drive


Or looks like its fun to drive.

In the hopes of getting customers to forget about its diesel scandal, Volkswagen has created a vehicle that focuses on its bright and clear future by using electricity. The Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept is based on the second generation of the crossover that the automaker plans to launch next year. What makes the Tiguan GTE Active something we're looking forward to is that it's an "extreme off-road version" of the already sporty Tiguan GTE plug-in hybrid concept that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.


While hybrids aren't exactly the latest technology, the Tiguan GTE Active has a new spin on it. The car has separate electric motors that power the front and rear wheels independently. In normal driving conditions, only the rear wheels are driven, while four-wheel drive comes into play when conditions or the driver calls for it. Depending on the what mode the vehicle is in, the concept can be powered by a 148-hp turbocharged engine that can provide additional power to the front wheels through a dual-clutch, six-speed automatic transmission or be used as a generator to charge the car's batteries.


Besides the high-tech hybrid system, the concept features a host of off-roading goodies including off-road and sporty GTE driving modes. Using a console-mounted dial, the driver can choose between preset driving parameters for Sand, Rocks, Sludge, or Gravel. Other settings include Snow, Sport, On-Road, Charge and Battery Hold, which maintains a set amount of charge in the battery. In its most potent form, the concept can get to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds and 120 mph, which is pretty impressive. While the world hasn't forgotten about the diesel scandal, this hybrid proves that VW is heading in the right direction.


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