Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept Will Have Retro-Themed Digital Dials

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We're particularly fond of the '80s/'90s design last seen in Golf and Jetta models.

The new Volkswagen ID. 2all will debut configurable dials enabling drivers to travel back in time with classic Volkswagen dials.

Images shared on Twitter show us what we can expect, with two designs previewed thus far. We're rather taken with the 80s/90s style dials; The Autopian reports that this style will be called "Retro Mode Golf Era" and includes the iconic LED light pack that provided the driver with visual vehicle updates.

Perhaps the most prominent of these is the single indicator lamp, which flashes green regardless of the turn direction. The classic square dials, with white numbers on a black background, look wonderfully retro. The one on the left will function as a speedometer, while the right dial will be a battery charge meter.

You'll find the Volkswagen badge and an oh-so '80s digital clock in the middle.

Daniel Golson/Twitter

It's not just the dials that adjust to the retro settings. Even the infotainment screen is in on the fun, with a cassette tape and a digital font on the center screen.

If you long for the simple and elegant dials of the 1950s and 1960s, Volkswagen will offer an interface that any classic Beetle driver will be familiar with. As seen below, the digital dials can be configured to mirror the single dial of the iconic people's car, although the speedometer here reads up to 220 km/h (137 mph) - faster than any old Beetle could ever reach.

The graphics bordering the single dial mirrors the vented grille design seen in Beetles from the mid-60s. A neat touch comes in the form of the Wolfsburg emblem, which comprises a dog on a castle. This was a staple of older VWs, and it's nice to see the automaker honoring this logo.

Daniel Golson/Twitter

Again, the infotainment screen is in on the fun and displays an old-school push-button radio in black and white. It's a really neat touch and should prove a delight for fans and loyal Volkswagen drivers.

We hope to see this feature introduced to existing models like the ID.4, as it would bring some playfulness to the somewhat somber interior. In recent years, Volkswagen has been criticized for its cumbersome infotainment system and touch-capacitive controls. A redesigned system is coming in 2025, but ahead of that, Volkswagen has bestowed the ID.4 with a software update to improve the finicky setup.

As for the ID. 2all, the little electric hatchback will debut in 2025 and is being touted as the electric successor to the Golf. With a targeted price tag of around $26,000, the compact EV looks promising and has the potential to serve so many customers who, up until now, could not afford a new electric car.

Daniel Golson/Twitter
Daniel Golson/Twitter

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