Volkswagen ID.3 Is Now Cheaper Than Tesla Model 3

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VW's electric hatchback now costs less than $40,000.

While the first deliveries of the Volkswagen ID.4 will start in America later this year, US customers have missed out on the German automaker's first next-generation EV, the ID.3. And that's a shame because the electric hatchback is one of the most affordable EVs on the market. In the UK, the only model available was the ID.3 First Edition starting at £35,215 ($45,599), but VW is now accepting orders for the regular ID.3, with the cheapest model costing under £30,000 ($38,857). In total, seven variants of the ID.3 are now available to order, six of which using the same 58-kWh battery and 201-hp as the 1st Edition.

The ID.3 Tour, on the other hand, uses the same 201 hp but offers the largest 77-kWh battery with an increased range of 336 miles based on Europe's WLTP cycle. Next year, Volkswagen will expand the ID.3 range with lower power outputs and a smaller 45-kWh battery, so it will get even cheaper.


Six specifications for the ID.3 Pro Performance will be available: Life, Style, Business, Family, Tech and Max, which include different option packages to suit customer needs. The range-topping four-seater ID.3 Pro S, which has a larger 77-kWh battery and a 201-hp battery, will only be available in Tour specification.

VW's Design package adds LED matrix headlights and LED rear lights, interior ambient lighting with 30 colors, an illuminated light strip connecting the headlights, and tinted rear windows. The 'Plus' version adds a large panoramic sunroof. All seven models include the Infotainment package with navigation, a 10-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, DAB radio, and two front USB ports, while the 'Plus' package adds an upgraded sound system and augmented reality head-up display.


The Comfort package is also offered as standard with every model, which includes electric folding mirrors, an automatically dimming rear-view mirror, a rain sensor, two rear USB ports, heated seats, and a heated steering wheel. The Plus version adds two-zone climate control and a variable boot floor. Opting for the Assistance package adds a rear-view camera, keyless entry, and illuminated door handles, while the Plus specification adds a travel assist, side assist and emergency assist. Finally, the Sport package includes progressive steering and sports suspension, while the Plus version adds dynamic chassis control.

Starting at £29,990 ($38,844), the ID.3 Life sits at the bottom of the range and includes the Infotainment and Comfort packages, along with cloth seats and a black interior. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000 in the US, while the Hyundai Kona EV and Nissan Leaf start at $37,190 and $31,600 respectively. This also makes the ID.3 cheaper than the Model 3 in the UK, which starts at £40,490 ($52,450).


Moving up the range, the ID.3 Business features more equipment with the Design, Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance packages and costs £33,720 ($43,677). Building on the Business model, the ID.3 adds the Design Plus, Infotainment, Comfort Plus, and Assistance packages and starts at £34,650 ($44,882).

Costing £34,180 ($44,267), the ID.3 Style includes the Design 'Plus', Infotainment and Comfort packages, while the ID.3 Tech has the Design 'Plus', Infotainment 'Plus', Comfort and Assistance 'Plus' packages and starts at £36,190 ($46,870).

Priced at £38,220 ($49,499), the high-spec ID.3 Max comes with Plus versions of the Design, Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance packages, along with the Sport package.

Topping the range is the £39,290 ($50,885) ID.3 Tour, which has the Design package and Plus versions of the Infotainment, Comfort and Assistance packs.

All seven come with LED headlights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, Car2X, Natural Voice Control, front and rear parking sensors, and wheels no smaller than 18 inches, along with a ten-inch touch screen, climate control, and keyless start.


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