Volkswagen ID.Aero Spied Impersonating A Jetta

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The new luxury EV from VW is almost ready to shed its deceptive camouflage.

Volkswagen has been caught testing its upcoming ID.Aero electric sedan on European roads with some clever camouflage that is supposed to fool us into thinking this is just a Jetta.

It works remarkably well from a distance, but once the car was attached to a charger, our spy photographers knew they had to look closer. It appears that this is the electric sedan's production body, and as smart as that camo is, we can already see how other ID-badged Volkswagens have influenced the styling of the upcoming EV, which was internally known as the Aero B.

We've also been given a sneak peek at the cabin, but there's little new information to glean here.

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The headlights reveal the ID.Aero will feature the same sort of "eyelash" design at each extremity as the current Golf, and we suspect that the headlights will be connected at the inner corners by a full-width LED light bar, behind which there likely will not be a grille.

Lower down, fake fog lights have been added to the wrap and probably won't be seen on the final design, but those smooth wheels will almost certainly feature. Moving back, we see the curvature in the shoulder line that we saw on the ID.4. In profile, the shape of the car is not unlike that of the Tesla Model 3, which is expected to be the ID.Aero's chief rival, alongside the likes of the Polestar 2 and Hyundai Ioniq 6.

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Moving rearward, there appears to be a center brake light just above the rear window, and again, the camouflage is intended to call to mind the Jetta.

The exact shape of the taillights is challenging to determine, but we expect that these will be connected by a full-width light strip, too, just as the front is. Those fake exhaust trims will be peeled away to reveal a smooth diffuser trim, and we see nothing to suggest that the design will be controversial - a little plain, perhaps, but nothing offensive. Coming close to the design of the concept shouldn't be too much trouble.

This new arrival will ride on Volkswagen's modular electric drive matrix (MEB) platform, as all new VW EVs will, and we expect both a rear-wheel-drive variant and a dual-motor AWD model.

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Most of the cabin has been covered up, but we can see a thick-rimmed D-shape steering wheel ahead of a curved driver dash. A large landscape touchscreen takes center stage in the middle of the dash, and there appear to be very few physical buttons.

The steering wheel also appears to be sullied with those horrible touch-capacitive controls. Still, these will likely be changed for the production version, as Volkswagen has listened to customer feedback and realized that real, physical buttons are far more pleasing to use.

The all-new EV will likely arrive early next year or late in 2022 and may effectively replace the Passat, not the Jetta that it is impersonating. We'll bring you more information as we get it.

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