Volkswagen ID.R Electric Racer Obliterates Another Record

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This thing is blindingly quick.

By now, it's fair to say that the Volkswagen ID.R race car has done more than enough to prove its worth. The fossil-fuel-free racer has taken the electric record at the Nurburgring and smashed the all-time record at Pikes Peak. Now, a year on from its astonishing run up one of the most dangerous roads on the planet, the team at Volkswagen Racing has pulled another rabbit out of its hat - decimating a four-year-old record at Germany's Bilster Berg racetrack. Is decimating the right word here? Well, the old record has been beaten by more than nine seconds. In the world of racing, that's a lifetime on long tracks, but on a short track like this, that's an aeon.

The time of 1:24.206 has given the car its sixth record, and we don't doubt that more records are coming. In fact, Volkswagen is looking to break its own Goodwood record, which was part of the reason that the team was out at Bilster Berg in the first place. As the team prepares for SpeedWeek, it's doing everything it can to refine the electric racer.

Volkswagen Motorsport Director Sven Smeets attributes a big part of this car's success is attributed to driver Dieter Depping: "The outstanding work he has done for Volkswagen Motorsport for many years has been invaluable. Every one of our successful motorsport project (sic) has benefitted from a wealth of valuable input from Dieter. Without him, the many records we have set with the ID.R would not have been possible."

Volkswagen Racing Volkswagen Racing Volkswagen Racing

As exciting as chasing records is, Volkswagen also brought its first full-electric production car, the ID.3, to the track too. If even Elon Musk is impressed by this car, then Volkswagen's electric future looks very bright. The manufacturer aims to have produced 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025, and with the ID.R continually grabbing headlines, its research and development have surely contributed to a lot of free marketing - this article included. Unfortunately, we won't be getting the ID.3 anytime soon, but if the ID.4 does well here, we'll start getting more and more new vehicles that change our perception of electric automobiles.

Volkswagen Racing Volkswagen Racing Volkswagen Racing

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