Volkswagen ID.X Electric Hot Hatch Greenlit For Production

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Unfortunately, it may never make it to the US.

Like Mercedes-AMG with its new high-performance electric models, Volkswagen is also working hard to remind its fans that performance and driving fun need not only be associated with internal combustion engines. The ID.4 GTX has already been revealed and earlier this year, VW showed the ID.X concept, essentially an electric hot hatch from the company that popularized the entire hot hatch genre with the Golf GTI. At first, it didn't seem that VW would put the ID.X into production but it seems the German marque has had a change of heart and we couldn't be happier.

Ralf Brandstatter/Linkedin Ralf Brandstatter/Linkedin

Volkswagen boss Ralf Brandstatter has confirmed that the concept will go into production after this year and will in all likelihood be badged as the ID.3 GTX, according to a report by Autocar. This would make it the second member of the GTX family. The new hatch should be propelled by an all-wheel-drive system. Powertrain specifications were not shared, although it's likely that the ID.4 GTX's setup will be used. In the latter car, there are two electric motors that produce 295 horsepower, enabling a 0-60 mph time of 6.2 seconds.

Ralf Brandstatter/Linkedin Ralf Brandstatter/Linkedin

That amount of power in a smaller, ID.3-sized hatchback should make for a car with excellent acceleration. The ID.X concept itself produced 328 hp and could reach 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, so we expect the production version to slot in between it and the ID.4 GTX in terms of performance. An R-badged model was also hinted at, and while Brandstatter admitted that an emphasis on performance will reduce range, he did say that the full range of ID.3 batteries will be offered for the new electric hot hatch. Considering that the ID.3 isn't sold in the United States, the ID.3 GTX is another small hatch we're probably going to have to admire from a distance.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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