2012 Detroit Auto Show

Volkswagen Introduce E-Bugster Concept and Jetta Hybrid to Detroit

VW’s green offerings have surfaced at the Detroit Auto Show in the form of a production hybrid and EV concept.

As anticipated, VW has arrived in Detroit showcasing their green side with the Jetta Hybrid production car and the E-Bugster EV Concept. There's not a lot to add to what we've said already, but these photos are fresh from the show and give us a bit more to chew on in terms of the cars' styling. If you were wondering about the name, 'E-Bugster' is simply a combination of 'E' for electric, 'Bug' after the Beetle's U.S. nickname, and 'speedster,' often used to describe open-top two-seaters.

Although not a convertible, with its low roofline and shallow window it has a distinctive speedster profile. Based on the latest VW Beetle, it has a very unique design as well as sitting three inches lower. Inside there's an EV-specific gauges where energy consumption fluctuates with vehicle acceleration, as well as a display showing the battery's charge state and intensity of battery regeneration. As for the Jetta Hybrid, a new front airdam, rear diffuser and integrated rear spoiler are the primary aerodynamic modifications, and the car also comes equipped with special 15-inch aluminum alloys.

Other features of note include a special radiator grille boasting a VW logo on a blue background for the first time. Hybrid signatures can be found on the grille, front fenders, and rear deck. The E-Bugster remains a study for now, and the Jetta Hybrid will be launched in the US later this year 'competitively priced.'

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