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Volkswagen Introduces 6 Year/72,000 Mile Warranty Program

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A little clause in the fine print may make this deal better than Kia’s 10 year/100,000 mile warranty.

Translated from German to English, the word "Volkswagen" means "people's car." It's an appropriate name for an automaker that was tasked with making a single car with genius packaging to meet the needs of every German citizen. In that spirit of making transportation products for all people, Volkswagen continues to build budget cars with solid German engineering. However, that engineering isn't always as solid as it should be, so Volkswagen has just rolled out its new warranty policy that it dubs, "People First Warranty."

Perhaps it was Volkswagen's 20th place ranking in JD Power's most recent quality survey, credibility on the streets as an unreliable marquee, or it could have something to do with improving brand image after Dieselgate, but whatever the reason Volkswagen's newest customers can rest a little easier knowing their new Vee Dubs come with a 6 year/72,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. The warranty is fully transferable to subsequent owners, giving it a leg up over Kia's 10 year/100,000 mile warranty that previously stood out as one of the industry's best. If this doesn't get prospective car buyers over to VW dealerships to check out its growing array of new SUVs (the cars matter too, but not as much), then nothing will.

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Volkswagen hopes that by becoming more competitive at a pivotal time during its growth, it can catch up to mass-market Japanese brands that have stayed ahead of the growth curve with armadas of cheap and reliable SUVs. "Volkswagen has always been 'the people's car,' and with the People First Warranty, we're putting our customers first," said Hinrich J. Woebcken, President and Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Group of America. "By bringing the right cars, at the right time and making the offer very competitive, we believe we're in the position to grow in the US market." The warranty itself only applies to 2018 model-year cars, but covers just about everything that can go wrong. Not a bad way to get our attention.