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Volkswagen May Introduce One Final Version Of The Beetle

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And it should arrive before the rumored all-electric Beetle.

It has already been confirmed that the Volkswagen Beetle will die off after the current generation, though it may live on a little longer before being replaced by something new. All signs point to an all-electric sedan replacement, based on the upcoming line of ID EV models. Before the all-electric beetle arrives, Volkswagen may give the current model one final special edition as a send off. The Beetle Dune and #Pink Beetle were fun send off models, but this rumored model is a bit different.

According to Green Car Reports, a patent filing by Volkswagen supplier Magneti Marelli shows a Beetle instrument cluster with a new tachometer. The tach in question features an electric charge gauge, similar to the one found on the e-Golf. This could mean that Volkswagen is planning to introduce a hybrid version of the current Beetle, before killing it off completely. Little else is known about this hybrid Beetle, as the rest of the user manual for the car has been kept confidential.

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It is also unknown which hybrid drivetrain Volkswagen would use, but some options may include the outdated system from the discontinued Jetta hybrid, or the plug-in drivetrain of the Audi A3 e-tron. The filing showed that testing on the gauge cluster was complete in May, so the Beetle hybrid could be arriving very soon.