Volkswagen May Just Say 'Screw It' And Buy Back Some 100,000 Dirty Diesels


It's the saga that never ends. Ever.

The Volkswagen Dieselgate saga seems like it will never end. To be fair, VW isn't exactly doing its part to end the story. The automaker hasn't recalled or fixed any of its polluting diesel cars in the United States, but perhaps that's because it's planning to buy some back. This news comes from Reuters, which got it from the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The daily says a fifth of the cars affected may be bought back. The German outlet didn't cite sources, so for now chalk this up to speculation/rumor.


A fifth is a lot of cars! How much? Try around 115,000. The reason why Volkswagen may buy back some affected models is simply because they'd be too tough (expensive) to fix. That makes sense to us from a financial standpoint. One thing to remember is that if the buyback program is legit, Volkswagen might have to purchase some Porsche and Audi models as those too were equipped with cheating diesel engines. Volkswagen has yet to please US government officials who are rightfully angry about the automaker's slow as hell (and currently nonexistent) solution to the scandal. Handing out gift cards to owners is nice, but that doesn't stop cars from polluting now does it?

We'll keep an eye on this story as it should hopefully be the beginning of the end of Dieselgate. We have no doubt that Volkswagen is running the numbers like crazy to find the cheapest solution. Anyone want to guess what the final cost will be?

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