Volkswagen New Beetle - Besides the Novelty, It's not a Great Choice

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The 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle still stands out in the crowd and still takes us back to its unique stylings of yesteryear. Unfortunately for the 2010 New Beetle, its high base price, relatively low fuel economy and very little utility make it a poor value within its class. The model has stayed unchanged for 2010 and still comes in its trademark coupe styling, as well as a convertible trim.

Its engine is peppy and its suspension is fine tuned, but still doesn't have a zippy performance. The exterior with its throwback styling is still a feature that puts a smile on the faces of passer-bys, and still delivers solid German engineering. Inside, the interior boasts top notch build quality and supportive front seats, but it's still inhospitable to back passengers.

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