Limited Edition

Volkswagen Offering Special Limited Edition e-Golf That Makes It Cheaper

It's like a reverse special edition.

There are generally two types of limited editions offered by automakers. There are the ones that bundle a bunch of equipment together for a lower price than you would have paid, provided that you actually want all of those things. And then there are the ones that charge you loads of extra money for a special paint color. But this one is something else. The limited edition of the Volkswagen e-Golf replaces some of the nicer standard equipment with cheaper stuff.

This means steel 16-inch wheels in place of the alloys, cloth upholstery in place of the leatherette, and old fashioned halogen headlights instead of the LEDs. The electric drivetrain is unaffected. The accompanying press release doesn't give a reason for the existence of this edition, but we're guessing that it's related to slow sales resulting from the high price of electrics in general. And this limited edition will trim about $2,000 off of the price of an e-Golf, down to $33,450 before delievery. It's still pretty high, but there are probably some incentives wherever you live.

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