Volkswagen Owners Could Get $1,250 In Free Cash Just For Being Lied To

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Free money! Free money!

Volkswagen could be throwing customers the equivalent of a stimulus package, that is if this report from The Truth About Cars (TTAC) is correct. According to an anonymous tipster, Volkswagen will offer owners of dirty TDI models a $500 prepaid debit card that can be spent anywhere. A second prepaid debit card for $500-$750 will also be given out, but that one can only be spent at Volkswagen dealerships. The money is offered to those who bought their cars new or used, with the initiative dubbed the "TDI Goodwill Program."

The program is slated to launch after November 9 and owners of diesel models can find out if they qualify by visiting the automaker's VW Diesel Info site. All the owner has to do is head down to a local VW dealer with proof of ownership to activate the prepaid cards. The anonymous source says only four-cylinder models will be eligible initially but that the cards could be eventually offered to those with 3.0-liter V6 TDIs. Yeah, it's a cool move (PR stunt) but we really doubt many people are pissed that they own a dirty Volkswagen. Also, the second debit card is nice and all but it doesn't actually cost Volkswagen anything until it's spent at one of its dealerships.

If you're actually pissed enough at VW why would you spend any more money at one of its dealerships? To us this program, while nice in theory, will just be wasted money. Those who don't care get free money while those who do care have probably already decided never to buy a Volkswagen again.

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