Volkswagen Passat Celebrates 45th Birthday

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And there's plenty of life left in the hugely popular sedan.

While we may be panicked about a future overrun by SUVs, Volkswagen doesn't seem to be worried about the slow demise of the sedan. In fact, it wants to celebrate it.

The mid-size Passat celebrated its 45th anniversary this year after being introduced back in 1973. The Passat also reached a major production milestone with more than 29 million produced to date over eight generations.


This makes the Passat the second most successful VW model of all time ahead of the Beetle (21.5 million) and Golf (35 million). As VW attempts to push past the 30 million unit mark, the current 8th generation Passat will soon be replaced by a new model, which will be more evolutionary than revolutionary.

As with the current model, the new Passat will be sold as a sedan and a wagon, though we doubt the wagon will be offered in the US. Along with a standard combustion engine, the Passat will also offer a plug-in hybrid drivetrain for the first time ever, enabling the car to run as an EV for a short distance.


VW is currently getting ready for new Passat production at its Emden plant in North Germany. We assume VW's US plant in Chatanooga, Tennesse, is also gearing up to build a new model, though in the past we have seen Europe receive a different, more advanced Passat than what is offered in the US. The production line (at least in Europe) is set to begin at the end of January 2019, meaning it won't be long before the new Passat is revealed.


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