Volkswagen Planning AWD Polo R?

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VW separates its GTI hot hatches from its R models with all-wheel drive, yet the limited-edition Polo R is a front-driver. Could that change with a new run?

Aside from the extra power, what differentiates the Volkswagen Golf R from the GTI is all-wheel drive. But when VW made a special edition Polo R to celebrate its foray into the World Rally Championship, the hot hatch was forced to channel its 220 horses to the front wheels alone, not all four as previously reported. But that could change. Volks is only building 2,500 examples of the Polo R WRC edition, but once those are sold off, the German automaker could easily create another run, but this time give it all-wheel drive.

Adding the extra traction shouldn't be too difficult, as sister-company Audi has already engineered the platform to accommodate its Quattro system for the A1. Driving the extra wheels could also allow VW to give the next Polo R even more power, but we're just spit-balling here, and with 220 hp on tap, it's already more powerful than other hot hatches in this segment.

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