Volkswagen Planning CC Shooting Brake


"Anything you can do, I can do cheaper" seems to be the modus operandi over at Volkswagen vis-a-vis Mercedes-Benz when it comes to four-door coupes - and, just maybe, five-door shooting brakes, too.

The Germans pioneered a new segment when the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class hit the market in 2004. A few years later, Volkswagen got in on the four-door coupe segment with the more budget-friendly Passat CC. Now that Mercedes has taken a significant step down-market with the new CLA, Volks is said to be preparing an even cheaper Golf-based CC as well. But with Mercedes also having spun its four-door coupe into the CLS Shooting Brake, word has it that VW is contemplating a similar move with stylish a five-door model of its own.

The swoopy wagon would be based on the next-generation CC, itself to be based on the next Passat. (That is, the European model, anyway. The North American Passat is a different model entirely.) As such it would offer similar powertrain options, including a 4Motion all-wheel-drive version and a potential hybrid model, too. Of course whether the CC Shooting Brake (if approved, and whatever name it might go by) would make it to the North American market would remain to be seen. The standard Passat Variant wagon is a popular model in Europe and other markets, but is no longer offered Stateside.

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For comparisson's sake, BMW stopped offering many of its Touring wagon models when it began rolling out its GT models. If Volkswagen were to take a page out of that competitor's playbook, the CC Shooting Brake could make it to American showrooms after all. But we're getting way ahead of ourselves here - first we'll need VW to officially confirm the fastback wagon's production in the first place. Then we can worry about whether we'll get it on our side of the Atlantic or not.