Volkswagen Polo Transformed by CFC and Collection of Tuning Outfits

The popular European runaround has never looked or sounded so good.

This sixth-generation Polo has been transformed thanks to an interesting joint venture between CFC & CFC StylingStation, MK-SoundStyle, AIV, and ASA-Wheels. CFC StylingStation is responsible for the amazing bodywork. The vehicle was completely foiled by CFC in a princess-style camouflage design, a delicate mixture of two pink tints of different intensity and two relatively colorless primary hues. Similar effects are possible using other colors.

The Polo 6R also has a screw-threaded AP chassis with improved dynamics and comes equipped with 18-inch pink ASA AS2 Max alloys, carbon elements from blackGold designs, and a new rear bumper. The interior of the Polo - more specifically, the acoustic system - is the work of MK-SoundStyle and AIV. The full audio system includes 20mm silk tweeters, a neodymium speaker driver, and a 200mm active subwoofer. Under the driver's seat you can see a stable aluminum die-cast body, as well as the woofer and remote control.

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