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Volkswagen Previews New Flagship Electric SUV Concept

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We'll get to see the newest member of Volkswagen's Electric I.D. Family at the Shanghai Auto Show this month.

Volkswagen is giving us a sneak preview of the next member of the ever-expanding electric I.D. family, as this month's Shanghai Auto Show will host the world debut of the I.D. Roomzz. Whereas the I.D. Crozz will be a compact electric crossover when it enters production, the Roomzz will preview a future full-size electric SUV in the Volkswagen I.D. range.

Like the compact I.D., the I.D. Crozz, the I.D. Buzz, the I.D. Vizzion and the I.D. Buggy before it, the sixth member of the I.D. fully electric family is based on Volkswagen's modular electric drive matrix (MEB). It will go on sale in China first in 2021. Presumably, it will also go on sale in other markets, but VW hasn't confirmed if it will be available in the US.

Volkswagen says the Roomzz name is a reference to the variability of the vehicle's interior that boasts "completely new seating configurations, high-quality materials and customizable light." The Roomzz also features Level 4 autonomous technology, allowing the vehicle to be driven without an active driver in I.D Pilot mode.

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"The I.D. Roomzz shows us what we can expect from full-size electric SUVs in the future. The puristic look emphasizes the clear function and the user experience is intuitive and natural," says Klaus Bischoff, Chief Designer at the Volkswagen brand.

From the design sketch released by VW, the Roomzz features a similar front end design to the I.D. although the overall design looks more aggressive than the electric crossover. The covers will be coming off the Volkswagen I.D. Roomzz at Auto Shanghai on April 16.