Volkswagen's Project Trinity Will Change How We Buy Cars

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You may as well just insert your credit card into the infotainment system.

Since the ID.4 arrived in America last month, VW has expanded its electric ID. range with the China-only ID.6 seven-seat SUV. This week, VW will also unveil the ID.4 GTX, the first of several sporty GTX models that will be the electric equivalent to GTI combustion cars. However, one of VW's most exciting electric cars is a new flagship model known as Project Trinity. Due to arrive in 2026, Project Trinity will set new standards for electric range and charging speeds.

Back in March, VW provided a first look at its new flagship EV - and now Autocar has uncovered some tantalizing new details. Blending sedan, hatchback, and crossover body styles, Project Trinity will be one of the first models to ride on VW Group's new Scalable Systems Platform.


According to Autocar, Project Trinity will also change how we buy cars. VW will sell the Project Trinity in a standardized form, with only a small selection of hardware options installed. Using the car's software, buyers will then be able to buy and unlock the features they want, allowing them to tailor the car to their needs.

Over-the-air updates will also add new features available to download. Initially Project Trinity will only be available with Level 2 autonomous technology, but these software updates will upgrade the self-driving tech to Level 4, enabling Project Trinity to drive itself on highways with the required infrastructure. Since it's designed primarily for long-distance autonomous journeys, the interior will be more open and spacious, allowing occupants to relax during long journeys.

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Don't think Project Trinity will be a range-topping luxury model, however. Instead, VW is positioning Project Trinity as a technological flagship as it is designed to debut new technology in VW Group's model lineup. VW describes Project Trinity as a four-door sedan, but teaser images have shown it will have a coupe-style sloping roofline roof.

In terms of dimensions, it will be around the same length as the ID.4 but will have a lower profile to improve its aerodynamic efficiency and range. When it goes on sale in 2026, the base model is expected to cost around €35,000 ($42,279), but downloadable options will cost extra.

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