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Volkswagen Reaches Milestone With 200,000 R Models

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Let's hope the success breed more R models.

At the moment, Volkswagen only sells one R model in the US, the Golf R. The Volkswagen R performance division began back in 2002, with the Golf R32. Since then, Volkswagen has placed the R badge on the Touareg, Passat, and Scirocco. 2016 years later, the Volkswagen R division has just hit a major milestone by selling its 200,000th car. The 200,000th car, a Golf R, was handed to a UK customer at Robinsons Volkswagen Peterborough by Jost Capito, Executive Director of Volkswagen R.

"Volkswagen R is a small business that employs around 350 colleagues. Everyone in our company contributes to the success of the company." said Capito. This is a large accomplishment for a small division like Volkswagen R. When the R brand was first established in 2002, it was known as Volkswagen Individual. It was later rebranded in 2001, with the letter 'R' standing for 'racing.' Since the original Golf R32, the brand released the Passat R36, Touareg R50, Scirocco R, and several Golf R variants. The company has talked about expanding beyond the current Golf R, but so far nothing has materialized.

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Rumors of a 400-horsepower Golf R have been circulating for some time now, and we would love to see such a car reach production. Volkswagen has also been seen testing an R version of the Tiguan, and we wouldn't object to a hotter version of the Arteon. For now, it seems like Volkswagen is content with just one R model.