Volkswagen Reinvents GTI Logo For The Electric Era

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Grand Touring Injection is no more. Grand Touring Induction is the new thing.

Volkswagen will be updating the GTI logo for the electric era, replacing the last letter with a lightning bolt. CarBuzz discovered the new logo in a trademark filed with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, and it confirms insiders' belief that the nameplate will live on in the electric era.

The GTI name is highly valuable to Volkswagen, and it appears that the meaning of the acronym will have to change with this logo update. Currently, it stands for "Grand Touring Injection," the last part obviously referring to fuel injection. With the last letter being replaced by a lightning bolt, it appears that the "GTI" name will simply be repurposed, meaning that the GTX moniker currently applied to high-performance VW EVs may fall away.

Electric Golf GTI render CarBuzz DPMA
Electric Golf GTI render

Another possibility is that this new logo will indicate that the car is only partly electrified. Perhaps Volkswagen will continue to apply the GTX name to fully electric vehicles, reserving GTI for models that are only hybridized, but in the long term, the GTI name is too valuable to keep on niche products, and once VW's entire range is electric, we see no point in keeping the GTX name around.

As for the Golf itself, VW Passenger Cars CEO Thomas Schaefer expects the current eight-generation to stick around "until the end of the decade," after which Volkswagen "will have to see how the segment develops."


With that in mind, it appears that this new logo may still be some way off from finding itself on the back of new VW models, and we don't expect to see it utilized on any production vehicles for at least a couple of years. The Golf GTI will celebrate its 50th anniversary in Europe in 2025, and the current-generation GTI will stick around for that celebration, likely spawning a special edition model.

Thereafter, the ID. 2all electric concept is expected to form the basis of the next Golf. With compact proportions and the goal of an affordable asking price, this should be a return to GTI form in many ways, even if the powertrain is not so familiar.

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Electric Golf GTI render

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